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About us

MIST is a company specializing in noise, vibration, meteorological equipment and system provider. The company core staffs have more than 25 years of experience in related field. Since its inception, that continue to invest a lot of manpower and resources, is committed to improve the measurement apparatus convenience and efficiency, in addition to 01dB-Acoem agency full range of products, such as Germany DataKustik of CadnaA and CadnaR, Australia Marshall Day Acoustics of IRIS, Canada Ocean Sonics of Smart Hydrophone and other hardware and software, but also to complete their own independent development:
  • EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) is the first web pages monitoring system software which is developed by MIST in Taiwan, it includs noise (broadband, low frequency, event), recording and replay of audio and video, and other meteorological measurement analysis.
  • MARS (Mobile And Remote Solution) is the first App application software which is developed by MIST in Taiwan, it performs the noise real-time display the broadband noise and the low frequency noise, and the measurement result which also can export for printing through wireless by using the thermal printer.
  • ERAS (Environment, Rail, Aircraft Solution), it is the software which meets the NIEA P206.90B regulation for processing the noise data of the transport system. It is the only software which is dedicated for the train noise ( railway noise) in Taiwan market.
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Since the implementation of technic and professional background, the user interface of the development of an integrated system is user friendly, it improves the efficiency of data processing. In addition to a number of domestic airports are using the system for the aviation noise monitoring, the environmental analysis laboratories are also using the 01dB sound level meters for the noise measurement for solving problem of the professional computing and also saving a lot of manpower to reduce costs.
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Although MIST is a company which focus on the system integration and software development of noise, but we will continue to sophisticated, to provide customers better in terms of noise, vibration, and more professional solutions. service items:
  1. Basic acoustic concepts training
  2. NIEA P206.90B transport system noise measurement methods training
  3. Stationary noise (vibration) monitoring system design and installation
  4. Noise and vibration meter sales and maintenance
  5. Building acoustics equipment sales and training
  6. Noise model prediction software sales and training
  7. Room acoustics noise equipment sales and training
  8. Environmental (aviation) noise monitoring system software development and design (including cloud design)
  9. The noise data processing and analysis
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo