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With FUSION, 01dB launches its new sound level meter: simply unique, designed to fulfil your needs in all situations. Easy to use, as effective in the hand as on a tripod, this instrument offers the best available technology to handle all measurement situations. Powerful functions, including vibration measurements, are integrated to meet your needs for on-site analysis, making FUSION the most innovative sound level meter and an exceptionally communicating tool, increasing your productivity!
Certified Class 1 solution according to IEC 61672, FUSION offers the highest standard in metrological quality for your data. Multitasking it gathers performance and simplicity within one single instrument. Connection to an intelligent wireless sensor FUSION can even record vibrations signals on 3 axes simultaneously with acoustic indicators and audio signals.
FUSION is a new member within 01dB ecosystem focused on improving your productivity. You will appreciate its simplicity of use, its degree of remote controllability and the power of its processing software


FUSION presents the unique technical specifications:

  • IEC 61672 Class 1
  • Built-in preamplifier
  • Free-field microphone type G.R.A.S.40CE
  • Large dynamic range 118 dB
  • Self-check system (CIC)
  • Automatic calibrator detection
  • High-definition color display
  • Rubber side grips
  • Windscreen claw
  • Remote control by web interface
  • Parallel storage of all acoustic indicators
  • Advanced triggers
  • Metrological audio recordingWireless vibration signal recording in 3 axis 24-hour capacity
  • Building Acoustics Module (option)
  • Multiple processing software packages (dBTrait, dBFa, dBInside…)
  • Numerous accessories (all weather case DSC01, outdoor unit DMK01…)


FUSION is a multi-purpose sound level meter including all functions aimed at maximizing your productivity. It can be used as a control instrument and offers evaluation, analysis and monitoring capabilities application to noise and vibration measurement in the following fields of activity:

  • Noise exposure
  • Industrial plant noise mapping
  • Urban noise
  • Construction site noise
  • Industrial noise
  • Transportation noise
  • Windmill noise
  • Recreational activities noise
  • Vibration of machines
  • Vibration of structures
  • Building acoustic



  • FUSION is a member the new 01dB product range sharing with DUO and CUBE the same ecosystem focused on improving your productivity. Being familiar with one of them just means mastering the other ones. Same built-in screen, same web interface, same accessories, same software tools… everything is designed in order to optimize the time you need to use these instruments.

  • FUSION can be used with its context keys and high-definition built-in colour screen. It is therefore possible to load a stored configuration, to start an acquisition, to mark an event and start an audio recording, to do a calibration and to access stored measurements …

  • Using a communicating tool (smartphone, tablet, laptop…) you can access FUSION using a simple internet browser. Thanks to the embedded webserver FUSION offers direct access to any of the available functions: configuration, coding, acoustic calibration and electrical check, real time display of instant values…) without the need of further specific applications.Remote connection is possible using Ethernet. Therefore remote access to FUSION is possible from wherever you are.

  • The built-in GPS allows FUSION to get measurement data include GPS location for easy visualization of the measurement position in dBTRAIT post-processing software.In case of an unexpected displacement of FUSION, a user defined movement detection function will warn the operator by sending an message with the new geographical coordinates and the distance from the previous location.

  • FUSION measures noise and vibrations perfectly. Its powerful functions contribute to optimizing your operational efficiency: continuous audio recording, innovative trigger threshold definition, smart source recognition (building acoustics) advanced acoustic indicators, automatic calibrator detection, periodic electrical checks, remote setting changes and listening, etc. Measured data are collected at a glance and you can already schedule your next measurement campaign!

  • To cover each application, 01dB offers a complete range of software tools: dBTrait (processing of data such as LAeq…), dBFa (advanced frequency analysis of measured data) or dBInside (processing of building acoustics measurements)
  • dBTrait is the most commonly used software program with the entire range of 01dB products. Initiated in the early 90’s dBTrait was progressively improved over the years, taking also benefits from users feedback. It includes processing functions such as multiple indicators calculations, analysis results according to regulations as well as advanced coding capabilities which help identify noise sources.
  • dBInside has a new interface designed to enhance acoustics consultants’ efficiency and productivity. The purpose is to reduce the time spent on: data entry related to the measurements (measurement location and details, etc.), calculation of standardized indicators (unique indices), generation of measurement reports.
  • To simplify your work, you can install 01dB software as many times as needed. Furthermore, there is no physical protection key to plug into your PC.

  • Lateral grips make FUSION fit well within your hand. In addition a neoprene hand strap which can be mounted using the dedicated aluminium profile on the back of the instrument is adding even more security for a perfect handling of your instrument.
  • A fixation profile for tripod mounting is also part of the delivered set of accessories. FUSION can thus quickly and safely fixed on a tripod.
  • A windscreen claw also comes along with FUSION, which prevent losing the windscreen when performing measurements.
  • 01dB, these accessories are genuinely useful and serve to improve your productivity day after day