Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo

EMS(Environmental Monitoring System)

EMS(Environmental Monitoring System)is a web base solution for environmentalnoise & weather monitoring. MISToffers an extensive range of on-demand services:

supply of monitoring stations with pre-set parameters,

data storage and back-up on the central,

availability of measured data through a customizable website,

real-time alarms based on thresholds

Cost effective, reliable and versatile, EMStakes the hardwork out of monitoring and lets users focus on the data and results.

A solution for every need:

MANAGE noise emissionsfrom your entertainment venueto reduce community impact

MONITOR urban noise levelsto validate noise maps and informnoise reduction action plans

DEMONSTRATE theresults of noise mitigationefforts at your industrial site

ENGAGE in developingmore sustainable airportoperations

COMMUNICATE toneighbours the noise and vibrationimpact of your building site

Provision of appropriate noise& vibration monitoring stations (DUO, FUSION, or CUBE)

In-situ and remote setup ofmonitoring stations based onproject specific requirements. Remote access and control ofmonitoring stations during theproject if needed

Regular remote access andreview by the 01dB team ofthe complete system (stations,communication, server)

Real time alerts of powerfailure and communicationbreakdown Automated check of the entiremeasurement chain’s integrity(multiple frequency CICprinciple)

Download raw data via FTPlink

On site repair service*On-site installation andretrieval of monitoring stations

Customer support for system setup and management

Website display of data,available in Chinese and English

Public or private website with secure access (login and password)

Customisable graphic template

Calculation and display ofaverage and sliding indicators(Lden, Ln, Leq per period,Lmax…)

Range of graphic displays:

  • Time histories, daily and monthly reports, spectrograms, wind rose and noise rose (noise with wind direction)and…
  • Real-time display of measured data (noise, meteorological) together with GPS localisation
  • Real-time time histories and spectrograms
  • Alarms management on the website
  • Real-time alarms based on up to 2 user-defined thresholds
  • Automatic counting of events above thresholds
  • Coordination of multiple thresholds including across multiple locations
  • Customized reporting (PDF,Word, JPEG format)