DataKustik CadnaA – noise prediction software

The easy-to-use software solution for the calculation and assessment, predic- tion and presentation of noise exposure and impact of air pollutant.


  • Plan noise reduction measures
  • Maintain emission data in convenient libraries
  • Organize complex projects efficiently with the ObjectTree function and compare different scenarios
  • Review your model with various sophisticated 3D features
  • Calculate outdoor sound propagation based on sound sources inside
  • Take advantage of the similar software interface CadnaR (interior sound calculation)
  • Calculate the uncertainty with standard deviations for emission and propagation

Industrial Expert System

(Option SET)
  • Automatically generate sound power spectra based on technical system parameters of a sound source (e.g. electric power in kW, volume flow in m3/h, rota- tion speed in rpm)
  • Facilitate your work utilizing 150 predefined modules for technical sound sources such as electric and com- bustion engines, pumps, ventilators, cooling towers, gear boxes etc.
  • Model complex systems including transmissions by com- bining sources (e.g. ventilator with two ducts connected)

Road & Railway

  • Compare different planning scenarios
  • Automatically optimize the barrier next to a street or railway
  • Visualize and auralize noise reduction scenarios
  • Efficient project management with object tree and variants
  • Automatically intersect object data with DTM
  • Check your model via visualization of all propagation tracks


(Option FLG)
    Calculate noise emitted from airports based on the calcu- lation methods INM 7.0 (Integrated Noise Model) and ECAC Doc.29 3rd Edition, among other relevant procedures at European and International level.
  • Perform an overall assessment of the total noise expo- sure including, road, railway and aircraft noise.
  • Use radar data and group classification according to ICAO-Code to calculate the aircraft noise.
  • Powerful analysis tools including flight statistics, noise ranking at buildings and calculation of the effect of mul- tiple sources.

Noise Mapping

  • Accelerate your calculation time with distributed cal- culation and multithreading
  • Employ all RAM available with 64-bit technology
  • Efficiently merge various data types using more than 30 different import formats
  • Apply 3D Objects (trees, cars, trains, etc.) to present mit- igation measures and its visual effects to third parties.
  • Analyze your model using various noise assessment techniques
  • Verify your model via quality assurance while using acceleration techniques
  • Publish CadnaA Projects online and present results by using any device connected to the Internet (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)


(Option APL)
  • Calculate, assess and present air pollutant distri- bution according to the Lagrangian particle model AUSTAL2000 (other models are being integrated)
  • Combine the assessment of measures in the context of noise and air quality mitigation plans
  • Enjoy the usability and calculation power of CadnaA also while modeling air pollutant distribution Apply all import formats without any additional costs



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