3D acoustic impulse response - measurement system

The IRIS room acoustics measurement system, developed by Marshall Day Acoustics, is an integrated hardware and software tool for capturing and analysing room impulse responses in 3D. A compact tetrahedral microphone array is used to capture the sound data which is analysed immediately by powerful and user friendly software.


IRIS plot

The 3D impulse response data is visualised as an IRIS plot, a colour coded representation of incoming sound rays

Length indicates relative sound intensity level, angle is the ray direction, and colour represents time of arrival

3D rotation and zoom

Dynamic range and time resolution adjustment

Specific angle and level information for individual rays

Broadband and octave band filtered views


Traditional omni-directional waveform view

Interaction between the IRIS plot and waveform view

Automatic detection of onset time with manual adjustment

Room acoustic parameters

Standard room acoustic parameters are calculated according to ISO 3382-1:2009

Results are displayed in graphs and tables

Simplified measurement process

Integrated software and hardware measurement system

Reliable, easy to use and efficient

Ideally suited to time-critical measuring environments

See what you have been hearing

The IRIS plot can be used to relate sound rays to physical features of the room, observe the directional distribution of early and late sound energy, and identify surfaces causing problematic rays. The graphical nature of the IRIS plot enables easy comparison between different seats in a room.

Numerical magnitude, direction and time information may be obtained for a comprehensive analysis of individual rays. A standard impulse response waveform is provided, and the timing of individual sound rays from the IRIS plot may be identified in this view.

Elegant measurement process

The IRIS measurement system utilises a compact tetrahedral microphone array. The four channel signal is carried by a single cable to a USB audio interface. All information including level, direction and time is captured with a single sine sweep recording. The system has been designed by practising acousticians for reliable and efficient measurements in realworld situations.

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Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo