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Ocean Sonics icListen – The ultimate solution for underwater noise monitoring

Equipment designed for underwater noise monitoring!

The SmartWaterHearer, a compact, all-in-one waterhearer, provides a new paradigm for subsea listening. It is a set of instruments that combines the functions of a digital waterhearer, an acoustic data logger, or both, and performs calibration in a standard format to instantly obtain calibrated waveform, spectrum, or event data.

The world's most sensitive broadband digital waterhearer processes data simultaneously as it is collected, reducing processing time and storage space, improving the accuracy of hard-collected data, and detecting data efficiently.

Use icListen's powerful processor to calculate spectrum or calibrated WAV file data to reliably detect real-time events, transmit waveforms in real time, or process results.

Compact and compact enough to carry in one hand, the icListen is easy for divers to handle and operators can steer the vessel in the open ocean, using lanyard loops to ensure it stays close.

The icListen is easy to connect, using a standard Ethernet interface or optional serial interface to plug directly into the host computer to retrieve data, and no special software is required to retrieve stored waveform data from the instrument.

Main Specifications

  • Bandwidth (HF): 10 Hz to 200 kHz
  • Sensitivity Deviation:10Hz~40kHz ≦ 2 dB
  • Measurement range: 38dB~184dB
  • Dynamic Range:>140dB
  • Sampling rate(S/sec): 1,000 (Min)~512,000 (Max)
  • Battery life: 10 hours (rechargeable), external waterproof battery pack (internal lithium-ion battery), so there is no battery delivery problem.
  • Interface: Ethernet or SerialEthernet or Serial
  • Power: 18 - 36 Vdc
  • Synchronization: Accuracy 0.25 usec Lock Range 1.0 Hz +/- 8ppm GPS PPS External IEEE 1588 Module
  • Acquisition Mode: Waveform / FFT / Epoch
  • Maximum Memory Capacity: 256GB
  • Sensitivity: -176 dBV re. μPa
  • Case Material: Engineering Plastic / Titanium
  • Depth: -200/-900/-3500/-6000


  • Ethernet Extender
  • Batteries
  • coustic hubs

Main Applications

  • Underwater noise environment monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Offshore wind power plants
  • Marine tidal monitoring
  • Marine ecology research
  • Pipeline Leak Detection
Monitoning & Information System Tech. - Photo